Overdraft notification… three days later, by mail, no rush

Steve had an overdraft but they waited three business days to put a notice in the MAIL while he got charged daily overdraft fees. Is Chase doing this to make more in overdraft fees? Why didn’t they call him? My current bank (First Republic) calls me within an hour if there is an insufficient funds situation. (story)

Short sale

Here is an article that specifically provides information on dealing with Chase on a short sale. It seems as if Chase has seen the light and realizes that in many cases approving a short sale quickly will save them quite a bit as compared to foreclosure.

Closing branches

Here is one customer complaining of a lot of WaMu branches being closed near them. Have they closed branches near you?

Everything is good but you’re still denied

This story of someone seeking a loan mod from Chase is a good example of how incompetent and frustrating the process is. They tell you everything is good until they deny you.

Chase sucks everywhere

When someone posts how much they hate Chase on the Arcade Museum forums, and no-one complains, it means most people agree.

Persistence pays off

Here is one persons story about how they got WaMu to accept $24,500 as payment in full on a $165,000 HELOC. This is a lesson for everyone dealing with WaMu on issues like this: persistence.

Chase claims four year old Bank One debt

This is strange. Chase swallowed up Bank One back in 2004. This person had a previous Bank One account that had been overdrawn back in 2003 but the bad debt had already been written off and the account closed. At some point they opened a Chase account, Chase put two and two together, and without warning satisfied the old Bank One bad debt by taking it out of their Chase account. Have a nice day!

You’re approved. Oh sorry, you’re not approved

One part of Chase must not be talking to another. They sent one couple consolidation checks along with their credit card statement. You know, the kind where you can pay off another credit card? They deposited one of these checks for over $3,000 to catch up on some bills, still leaving them well under their credit limit and proceeded to write checks against the deposit. Chase changed their minds and decided to not honor the check and lower their credit limit. Bounced check and overdraft fee galore. Not very nice Chase! (story)

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