Customer service can’t get worse

2,100 WaMu employees in CA were laid off today. A WaMu says “customer service will not be affected.” Is that the same as saying it can’t get any worse? (article)

Whole family’s accounts frozen

WaMu freezes an entire families accounts for two weeks, won’t say why. (story)

Overdraft fees

More overdraft fee funny business, something WaMu is famous for. (story)

ATM deposit limits for checks

WaMu limits the number of checks you can deposit in an ATM, arbitrarily and without telling anyone (story)

New mortgage hotline

If you are having difficulty with your WaMu home loan and the normal customer service isn’t getting you anywhere (expected), try Chases new troubled mortgage hotline at 1-866-550-5705. (article)

WaMu takes out life insurance policies on employees

From the bizarre files, a lawsuit has been filed against WaMu for taking out life insurance policies on employees without their knowledge and then collecting when the die. (article)

Good bye WaMu name (California)

Apparently Chase is starting its rebranding of WaMu branches in California in March 09, spending $300 million on the effort. They will no doubt be spending a bundle more to rebrand the rest of the WaMu branches in the US which they say will be done by 2009.

Did anyone see the Apple commercial that insinuated Microsoft was spending a LOT of money on advertising and only a little money on fixing Vista?

Hey Chase, how about spending some of that money on fixing customer service?????

Stealing from teenagers

Ok WaMu, this is low, even for you, taking money out of a 16 year olds account because his mom and cosigner was overdrawn. (story)

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