WaMu absolved of liability

For those of you screwed by a WaMu mortgage broker, the Federal takeover and sale apparently absolves WaMu of any liability. (article)

Psychic WaMu?

WaMu has ESP for preemptively assessing an NSF fee before an overdraft actually occurs and locks an account for a grandiose expenditure of $4.11 at 711. (story)

Interest rate hikes

Larry is yet another victim of unreasonable credit card interest rate hikes (story)

Tips from the WSJ

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal descirbes recent term changes by credit card companies and offers an interesting tip. (read more)

Closed credit card account

It gets worse: WaMu won’t just lower your credit limit, they might just close your credit card account with no warning and no justification. (story)

Complaints lead to closed account

Glenn complains about something and his account gets closed. Hmmm. (story).

Unjustified reduction in credit limit

11/13/08: Debra experienced what a lot of credit customers have been experiencing – a reducing in credit limit with no justification. (story)

Record fee increases

This story from the Wall Street Journal tells us what we already know: banks, including WaMu are jacking up fees like overdraft fees to record levels. The last few paragraphs are about an interesting alternative to the traditional checkign account.

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