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The traffic says it all. The large bar below was Sept 08 when WaMu was siezed and lots of people were wondering WTF. Since then, after interest substantially waned, site traffic has steadily increased. Translation: lots of people (about 5,500 visits in July 09) are looking for information on why WaMu/Chase sucks so much, perhaps because they are sucking more and more.


Chase practices “tough love”

I’ve written about Chase raising minumum payments before, but what gets me about this article is how they characterise chase: “Chase is clearly earning a reputation as the bank that practices tough love with customers and isn’t shy about shaking them down for extra cash.” Yup, that’s the LA Times talking. (article)

Warning: document all interactions with WaMu/Chase

Alan really got screwed by WaMu – he did everything right, they did everything wrong, and his credit got screwed as a result. This is a cautionary tale for us all: MAKE SURE WAMU IS DOING WHAT THEY TELL YOU THEY ARE DOING! It might be a good idea to double and triple check what anyone there tells you. Document every interaction you have with them. (story)

WaMu can investigate JP Morgan for sabotage

From the files of whether the seizure of WaMu and sale to Chase made things worse for WaMu customers, a judge has ruled that Washington Mutual Inc (i.e. the former bank holding company that is now just a shell) may go ahead of its investigation of JP Morgan Chase for evidence that Chase sabotaged WaMu in order to get its assets. (story)

Student bonus

How stupid does Chase thinks students are? They offer anyone a $100 bonus for signing up for a checkign accounts but have a new deal for students that only gives them $25?

Modifying interest rates

On WaMu loans that Chase services (but doesn’t own) it appears to be modifying interest rates no lower than its own servicing fee percentage. (story)

No one has authority

Best excuse yet: Chase tells a customer that overdraft fees are from WaMu and there is nobody left from WaMu with the authority to overturn them. (story)

Download data now

Unconfirmed rumor says that when your WaMu account is integrated into, it will only include a few months of historical data. Be sure to download all your data NOW! (link)

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