An insider’s view of Chase

From a reader:

My wife currently works at Chase and not a day goes by without some new complaint.  When the incompetent manager is not kissing up to management he is deriding loyal hard working workers about how they are falling short of quotas. Several people have left due to nervous breakdowns.  The health coverage is so bad, that my wife is considering opting out. The workers have to be fashionistas, constantly told how to dress, what to wear, but not a dime extra to pay for it.  Several workers are forced to work on weekends and late into the night for fear of not making the quota and being fired. There are so many meetings that if you count up all of the hours in useless meeting, there is scarcely a full day’s worth of time in a week to get any work done.  Management does not have a clue, because instead of recruiting people with experience, they have recruited far and wide from every sector.  Ex. When the auto industry nearly collapsed, there was an influx of sales managers who took the reins
and tried turning the company into a sales organization.  (A remnant of this remains with the quota system) Now, in the name of patriotism, they are hiring returning veterans, but the real reason for the hire’s are low pay and tax credits from the government.  Hopefully the inadequate health care won’t result in someone getting hurt when an ex-marine hire has a flashback.  There is a right way and a wrong way to run a company. Hopefully a tragedy doesn’t happen before management gets a clue…

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