Phishing emails actually not Chase’s fault

Here is one thing that is NOT Chase’s fault: Their brand and URL was one of the three most frequently phished in 2009. So, if you are a Chase customer, be careful about responding to emails that look like they are from Chase. (article)

Chase’s unfair Facebook contest

To clean up their corporate image, Chase started a $5 million charity fund and allowed Facebook users to vote on which charities would receive the funds. But when charities that they didn’t like made it into the top 100, they changed the rules to exclude them. You can read more about this hereherehere, and here.

Chase’s many non-functional ATMs

In search of one of the new Chase ATM’s that can take deposits without envelopes, and print fancy receipts, one customer discovers broken, not fully functional, hard to find, and out of date ATM’s. (story)

Maximizing overdraft fees

This LA Times article provides yet more evidence that Chase continues to maximize overdraft revenue by rearranging the order debits and deposits are recorded to be as favorable as possible to the bank. Chase claims that next year with its new overdraft policy it will start applying transactions in chronological order (except for checks, which will be biggest first), but for now, they are still up to the same old shenanigans.

Suit against JP Morgan Chase

If you were a WaMu shareholder during the time WaMu was sold to Chase, the good news is that the fight is getting hot. The latest news is that a new suit has been filed against JP Morgan Chase accusing them of intentionally driving down WaMu’s share price (article) and WaMu banks former holding company is asking the government to turn over documents related to the bank seizure.

With Chase, it’s about the bottom line

Buried deep in this man’s rant about Chase Bank is the real reason Chase has been increasing everyone’s interest rates: simply to make more money. It has nothing to do with an individuals risk profile.

New ATMs hassles

Chase’s fancy new envelope free ATMs make an already long wait for funds to be posted to your account even longer if it misreads a check – it mails it back to you and you have to redeposit it in person with a teller. (story)

Death isn’t authorization enough

A funny interaction between an attorney trying to handle a deceased person’s account with Chase.

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