Cashiers checks are held too?

Ok Chase, so you frequently choose to place a 7-10 day hold on check deposits. Fine. But a cashiers check? Seriously? Isn’t that supposed to be like cash?

Jamie Dimon is a small business

From a post: “Chase advertises that they loaned $50 Million to small businesses in New York (New York Times full page ad, February, 2010). Jamie Dimon took home close to 1/2 that amount as take home pay last year.”

Impaired mortgages and customer service

Wow, Chase claims that 2/3 of the mortgages it inherited (read, stole) from WaMu are deemed impaired in some way or another. In this same article is the news that Chase is eliminating more WaMu jobs, mainly in, get this, call centers, mortgage processing centers, and back-office units. Sounds like you can expect customer service to get EVEN worse.

One last monthly fee

Would Chase delay the closing of a customers account to be able to charge one more monthly service fee? This customer thinks so.

Mortgage problems

As soon as WaMu was bought by Chase, one customers mortgage problems started, such as, unable to go into a local branch to pay the mortgage, can’t pay with an electronic payment, can’t go to Chase’s website to pay the mortgage, frequent failure to send the monthly mortgage bill/statement, longer payment processing time leading to late payments, lost payments … I could go on, or you could read the whole story yourself.

Loan modification

I had to laugh at this latest loan modification story. Chase would take so long to process their paperwork (the times they didn’t lose it) and then come to the conclusion that the paperwork was too old and needed to be resubmitted.

Rejecting payments fee

What’s worse than overdraft protection, where you buy a latte and your account goes $2 into the negative and you get assessed a $35 fee? How about Chase charging you the same fee for rejecting payments on an account with no money that they won’t let you close?

Mortgage payment screw-up

If you screw up, it takes Chase seconds to debit your account an overdraft fee. If they screw up and take out not one but two mortgage payments, it takes at lot of calls, faxed paperwork, and 7-10 days for you to get your money back.

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