Chase upgrades your card to upgrade your fees

One Chase customer writes about their experience going from a WaMu credit card to Chase:

Have any other former WaMu credit card holders who had their credit cards converted to Chase VISA Platinums and now within the past few days received notification that Chase has “upgraded” their card to Slate with BLUEPRINT?

If so, did the following also happen.

1.)  Your APR markedly increase?  (8.99% WaMu VISA to 14.99% Chase VISA Platinum to 17.24% (Chase) Slate)

2.)  The schedule of fees go up?  (too many increases to list, but the fees went up across the board)

3.)  The grace period was reduced?  (grace period went from 26 days w/ WaMu to 24 days on Chase VISA Platinum to 21 days on Slate)

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