Three years and still no loan modification

How screwed up is this?

I called Chase and they said they would not talk to me until I was 2-months late on my payment. So I became 2-mos late. So over the last 2.8 years or so, I have done trial payments 3-times. Each time, Chase has reneged and decided to start the entire process over again. I have tried NACA, to no avail. I have written my congress people etc. to no avail. I have dealt with the executive offices several times and they have made permanent modifications (I have letters to the effect) yet the right hand of Chase does not know what the left is doing and even though I have letters and documents saying my loan is complete and final, they refuse to acknowledge that and continue to send threatening letters of foreclosure.

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  • By Alessandro Machi, October 18, 2010 @ 5:24 pm

    So are you saying your first attempted at getting a HAMP was under George Bush’s presidency?

    Did the home loan modification program have a different name back then?

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