Unnecessary holds

Reader Jeannie writes:

“Ok, here is one for you. I just recently started my account with WAMU about a month ago and I already am having a freakin nightmare.

I deposited my employment check thru the ATM, which, now I know, IS A VERY BAD IDEA! I was given access to $100 of the deposited amount. In addition to my check, I also deposited $200 cash which was my husbands business money. I was not provided with any of the policy information, which is something that this company is suppose to disclose to you when you open your account. I contacted Customer Care and was told by a Rep. that my money was not going to be available until Risk Operations confirms that my check is real and that the funds are really there. Ok, the bank that my check is drawn thru is a local bank. I grew upset and told them that I wanted to talk to Risk Operations. I was then transferred. Mind you, I opened my account online. The lady at Risk Operations said that they had to place a hold on my check until it cleared and that they were even holding the cash part of the deposit as well. Well, I was on my lunch break at the time of this call, which is only 30 minutes long. I told her that I wanted to talk to her Supervisor. She said ok, and placed me on hold…………………….SHE NEVER CAME BACK. I was on hold for 20 minutes before I hung up. I was late for work at that point.

I contacted my husband and found out that they have a lot of problems with ripping their customers off.

I proceeded to call the bank when I got home from work that same day and was told by the Rep. that they can hold my check up to 6 business days. I asked for her Supervisor and was told by him that they will be holding my check for up to 11 days. I hung up.

I called the next day and was told by another Supervisor that there is a 30 day policy on holding checks that were deposited thru the ATM.

I received an email the next morning stating that I had to call Risk Operations to discuss my check. I called them and the lady told me that she will not talk to me because I opened my account online. That there was no way to identify me over the phone. Mind you, a day or two prior, I talked to someone in Risk Operations.

I went to the branch where I deposited the money at and talked to the Branch Manager and she told me that she could only authorize $200 of it and that the rest of my money will be available this upcoming Tuesday. Which is the day that my husband is going into surgery and we need the money for his medications. Also, on top of that, the money that they are holding, is my rent money and my electric and my kids’ birthday money.

I gave up for the day. The next day comes around and I get a notice in the mail. It stated that they will not release any funds until next Thursday.

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