Chase loan modification nightmare featured on PBS News Hour

The PBS News Hour included a segment on loan modification programs tonight and their story featured a couple that has been struggling through what many people have reported is Chase’s impossible loan modification process.

SARAH PORTER-BRAUN: We’re at this now 16 months here. And our eligibility has not even been determined.

PAUL SOLMAN: Sarah and Lee Braun applied to their servicer, Chase, for a HAMP modification when Sarah was laid off, Lee’s hours cut back.

LEE BRAUN, homeowner: The first person who was assigned to our case wouldn’t return our phone calls. And, since that time, we have had nine different representatives. And you try to contact them, you don’t hear back from them. You call the general number, you find out you have been reassigned to somebody else.

PAUL SOLMAN: From the get-go, the Brauns documented their efforts, some would say compulsively.

SARAH PORTER-BRAUN: There’s been countless numbers of time, which he has well-documented, where we have been told you’re denied because you have not provided the documents requested, when in fact we have never received a request.

PAUL SOLMAN: Meanwhile, the Brauns now make the mortgage with the help of family.

Interestingly enough, out of character with how Chase (and other banks) usually react when the media gets involved in someones case, despite being aware that the News Hour was reporting on the Braun’s case specifically, Chase still denied their loan modification.

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