WaMu doubles interest rate for no reason

Patty writes:

“I just want to give my two cents. I have a WAMU Credit card, and have for many years. We have decided to get rid of some cards, so we destroyed them and have been working diligently to pay them off. A credit advisor, said that we should contact the cards, and try to get a lower interest rate, which would make paying them off quicker. Three of the cards I contacted thought it was great, and lowered our rates it assist. WAMU was a different story, the determined I needed a rate TWICE what I was paying! I contacted them many, many times for an explanation as to WHY they doubled my interest rate(instead of $150 going to interest now it is 250), and their standard reply is they feel I am a credit risk…even though, I pay well over the minimum on all my cards and I am NEVER late on ANY of my bills. They replied the standard reply, with no explanation, that is their policy, they don’t have to explain.

I will NEVER deal with WAMU again! They are the worst company EVER!!! No customer service and no care for good business dealings. Who cares who is hurt! I figured out what WAMU stands for:

W e
A im to
M ess
U p

Can’t wait to be rid of them FOREVER!!!!”

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