WaMu shareholders allege fraud

Washington Mutual shareholders, set to get zero from the WaMu bankruptcy, have no gone as far as to allege fraud in the bankruptcy proceedings, as they claim the attorney representing the debtor (Washington Mutual) was also representing JPMorgan Chase.

Additionally, there has never been a complete listing of all of Washington Mutual’s assets.

Yea, all of that does seem kind of fishy.

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  • By MRJOHN, November 24, 2010 @ 5:23 am

    Chase is being dishonest about this one. I had a mortgage with Washington Mutual then Chase took it over. I had automatic withdrawls from another bank. Month after month the money was witdrawn but stop receiving monthly statements when Chase took over WAMU. Then I sent up an account online with Chase to see my payment history. There was NONE! I then called the Chase bank’s customer service line and was on the phone for an hour trying to explain the situation. About a week later I received in the main an unprofressional jet ink print out of my payment history. What a joke! For this reason and the stuff their pulling at the Chase credit Card division I will never do business with them or any company affiliated with J.P. Morgan Chase.

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