Is Chase devious or inept?

Yet another example that makes us wonder if Chase could really be this inept or are they possibly up to something.  In this case, Chase has a lien on the property but apparently can’t find the loan.

My chapter 7 was discharged in jan 2010, my 1st mortgage (GMAC) & 2nd (WAMU/Chase), was also included. I tried to a loan mod for the past two years with GMAC but finaly they denied. Sadly I decided to do a short sale, I informed both banks about my decision, but chase says that I dont have a account with them. I spoke to about 5 people, all have the same answer. They say that they cant find my loan. Is this possible, they have a lein on the property. What are they upto?, I feel that they trying to do something to us. Anybody has any ideas.

I realize the potential for a Chapter 7 discharge to muddy the waters on a second mortgage, but hey, aren’t banks supposed to be good at all that numbers and legal stuff?  🙂  Perhaps the loan really was discharged and the remaining lien is just Chases way of giving the homeowner the middle finger for discharging the debt through bankruptcy.

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  • By Jerry, November 29, 2010 @ 5:11 am

    Is Chase devious or inept?

    Yes to both!

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