Chase’s technology doesn’t always work

I wouldn’t recommend anyone rely on Chase’s technology for anything that is important, as this story, and many others clearly show.

I am set-up for Chase to e-mail me 7 days before a bill is due. I’ve been a customer for over 15 years without problems. Last month, they didn’t notify me and that caused me to pay late when I suddenly realized that I hadn’t paid a bill in 5-6 weeks. They assessed a finance charge of (based on a whopping 28% interest rate). They (agent and supervisor) are stubborn and refuse to reverse even part of the charge. I carefully searched my email and spam folder and there is nothing there so I know I am right and not just making excuses.

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Answer by Steve D
You first need to check the terms of the e-mail notification. I would guess that the terms include a statement that non-receipt of a notification/alert does not alleviate you are the requirement that you make your payment on time nor does it imply any warranty on the part of Chase to ensure that you receive the alert.

Yes, of course Chase covered their butts in the fine print.  A bank whose customer service was actually based on maintaining relationships with the customers (i.e. NOT Chase) would probably have made an exception.

Given that Chase has had several failures of its online banking recently, you would think they’d tend to err on the side of it being their fault and let the customer slide.  But that isn’t how Chase works.

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