WaMu jacks good customers interest rates

Kelly writes:

“After being a Washington Mutual credit card customer for 10 years with 2 accounts( one Visa, one MC) and never once ever having a late payment, I realized that they had raised my rate by 12.99% !! I was at 31.99 % on both cards. I called and explained that I wasn’t sure how that had happenned but that I would like it corrected. They said that they would look into it and contact me. Boy did they ever look into it! They sent me a letter stating that I did not qualify to have my rate lowered( I guess 120 payments on time very month isn’t a good enough customer for them) and after reviewing my accounts actually lowered my limit to the exact balance I had on my cards. I had in the meantime paid my “minimum monthly” payment. THEY THEN CHARGED ME $35.00 OVER THE LIMIT FEE!!!!!
Now due some severe personal financial circumstances, I got behind on the payments and guess what??? To “help me out”…they can magically reduce my rate to 10.99%. Gee, if they had done that when I asked them and was in great standing with them, wouldn’t that have made more sense?
But I guess they prefer to spend the time and money jacking people around when they have a good customer.
I guess a late payment fee of $35 is the only way to save 21.99%. In my opinion it’s well worth it!!”

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