More interest rate shenanigans

Rich writes:

“Have a wamu card for over 2 years. Never late or over my limit. Paid before the due date and more than the minimum. Out of nowhere, wamu ups my card to 29.99%. My original monthly payments were $189.00. Now they wanted $279.00.
I called wamu credit card “customer service.” After waiting on hold for someone to pick up after 30 minutes, a rep gives me a total run around. I demand to speak to a supervisor. He than gives me a run around and can’t answer my questions. He tells me to hold on. Click, he hangs up on me. This call took 45 minutes of my time.

I go ahead and make the large payment. The next month they raise the minimum again. I than stopped paying the card. I did report them to the proper authorities, including my state rep. office.

The credit card companies that are pulling this are the ones that have lost hard on the mortgages. This is not my only credit card and to be fair, other cards, such as BOA are pulling this as well. That was their fault and they are sticking it to the credit card holders to make up for their losses.

This whole mess has also caused a hugh problem for me and my family on top of the costs of living.”

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