Where does WaMu find its employees

Maisie writes:

“So, my experiences haven’t been near as horrific as the accounts i have read on your site, however this one is my favorite so far…

i was at a wamu i had never been to before, depositing a payroll check of mine. once i get to the teller, she looks at me and simply says “i can’t deposit your check, for personal reasons.” to which i responded, “what do you mean? it’s a payroll check, dated for today, and i need my money.” and she simply responded with “it’s a personal thing, i just won’t do it.” smiling all the while of course.
i had never met this woman before, so i have no idea how it was “personal.” i work at a small independent children’s toystore, so it’s not like where the paycheck was coming from could have offended her moral stance etc. in any way.

long story short, i had to go to another wamu to be able to deposit it because she was the only teller at that particular branch that day.

short and sweet…they suck.

and i am glad taht you have put the time and effort into letting people know how awful they are!

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