Chase debt affidavits signed by Martha Kunkle? You might have a case?

Legacy debt might come back to bite Chase according to this Wall Street Journal article.

Credit card company Providian was acquired by Washington Mutual which was then acquired by Chase. Back in the early 1990’s, Providian had an employee Martha Kunkle who was a robo-signer responsible for many of the affidavits related to debt and debt collection activity. After Ms. Kunkles death in 1995, and apparently until very recently, other employees would routinely sign affidavits as Martha Kunkle. These affidavits were then passed on to debt collectors such as Portfolio Recovery Associates.

So, if you are being sued for Providian/WaMu/Chase credit card debt, check all of your documents to see if any were signed by Martha Kunkle, as you might have a good case.

One interesting statement in the article is worth noting for anyone being sued by Chase (or any other bank) for debt collection:

Large debt collectors such as Portfolio Recovery Associates and publicly traded rivals Encore Capital Group Inc. and Asset Acceptance Capital Corp. frequently buy delinquent accounts in bulk. Information about each debt sometimes is little more than a line in a spreadsheet with the borrower’s name and amount owed, according to lawyers who represent borrowers.

The point is, ask your bank or the debt collection firm to prove you actually owe them money.  They may not be able to do so.

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