Free checking isn’t free

A reader writes:

“I got a “free” wamu checking account and a savings account. They keep charging me fees month after month. This month’s ATM fees on the savings is $10! for 2 transactions! Then they take a $5 monthly account fee! WTF! I want to DTMFA. I wrote them two nasty emails and have yet to get a response. I hate this bank with a passion. Does a good bank that has truly free checking and savings without ATM fees exist? They are charging me for using my effing money. What bullsh*t is that? American capitalism bullsh*t! I’m so fed up I wnat to hurt someone and it just might be them. Not physically, ofcourse but there must be some course of action with national banking regulators or is that a private corporation run within our government like the US Postal Service or the Federal Reserve. I’m contacting the Dept. of Commerce and see what they have to say.”

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