What if everyone protested what they didn’t think was right?

Here is a story from a local paper about a man protesting his foreclosure by Chase Bank.

Homeowner fights bank foreclosure

Daily Post, February 12th, 2011

After picketing outside a Palo Alto Chase Bank yesterday, a man has a second chance at getting his home out of foreclosure.

James Adams, 63, of La Honda. picketed outside the Chase at 2846 Middlefield Road in Midtown Palo Alto at noon yesterday. He also picketed outside the Chase at 2300 Broadway in Redwood City on Wednesday.

His home for decades

Adams told the Post yesterday that he discovered on Dec. 20 that the bank foreclosed on his home of more than 34 years after he worked for months to get a loan modification.

“It’s a real common story – there is a corporate culture of greed and lying,” said Adams.

Falling behind

Adams said he’d been paying the principal interest on his loan, but fell behind on his payments in 2008 because he developed arthritis in his knees.  He added that work had also dried up for his woodworking business at about the same time.

Chase called Adams later in the afternoon and gave him a second chance to modify his loan, said Chase spokeswoman Eileen Leveckis. She said it wasn’t because of his protest, adding the bank had been in contact with him since Monday working on the modification.

Did it work?

“Do 1 think my protest had an effect on Chase? You bet!” said Adams in an e-mail to the Post. Nevertheless, Leveckis said there’s hope for Adams with the second loan modification.

This is yet another example where Chase has proven to be media sensitive to its bad acts.  Your single best chance in getting Chase to stop whatever bad behavior it is doing, is to get someone in the press to notice.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone inside the Chase branches where Adams was protesting noticed media presence and contacted their superiors.

What if a much larger percentage of people that Chase has abused were to protest like this?  I’ll bet it just might actually make abusing customers less profitable for Chase.

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  • By Ted, March 4, 2011 @ 8:14 pm

    Picketers in front of JP Morgan Chase Branch

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