Chase: The squeaky wheel gets the grease

I came across a slightly bizarre review posted on a Better Business Bureau clone called TrustLink

Ref: KELLY WITZEL, Consumer Banking, 1705 E Capitol Expressway, San Jose, CA 95121 (408-528-7301)

I am writing this letter to let you know how appreciative I am of the great job that Kelly has been doing for my company.

I own a telecom cabling business here in San Jose. For six months, I had a problem with Chase getting me the correct Business checks. Every order I received, I got the wrong checks. I placed at least 4 orders for business checks. Each time, I would receive the wrong checks. Each time I took a copy of the check that I wanted printed to the bank and showed them! I still received the wrong checks each time.

I became so angry that I wrote a letter to chase advising them if this happens one more time, I would take my business elsewhere. I was so angry; I decided to writer this letter to each branch in San Jose.

As soon as Kelly heard about this letter, she called me. She was very apologetic and wanted very much to make things right for me. I was very impressed with her eagerness to help me. She made me feel like I did matter with Chase, that I am not just a number!

Kelly was able to get me the checks that I ordered. I was very impressed with hear desire to help me and to keep me as a personal and business customer.

Any issues I have, I just call Kelly now and she always returns my calls and assists me with what I need.

I am satisfied with the excellent service that Kelly offers every time I call.

If it were not for Kelly, I would have closed all four of my accounts with Chase. Thanks to Kelly, she was able to convince me to stay with Chase.

Please let her know how grateful I am to be able to rely on her expertise to handle my accounts.


I’m sure this customer intended for the review to be a positive one (he gave Chase five stars) but when you consider how they completely failed at the simplest bank-type-stuff (getting checks right) and the fact that he had to go to extraordinary measures (mailing every single branch in a rather large town) to get someones attention, it doesn’t look all the great for Chase.

Yet another example that sometimes you have to complain incredibly loudly for Chase to assign someone competent to help you.

Also, if you are in the San Jose area and are having problems with Chase, you might give Kelly a call. 🙂

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