Are you paying the Chase Gold Account fee (former WaMu customers)

Apparently Chase tacked on a recurring monthly fee on some accounts transitioned from Washington Mutual for additional benefits.  The problem is, they appear to have done this without customers actually signing up for the package.  Here is how one customer describes it:

This is what they say my Gold account $7 fee is about:

The fee in the amount of $7.00 dated March 14, 2011 is for your Plus Package program in your account. This account feature was applied to your account prior to Chase conversion (from WaMu). This Plus Package program allows you to have non- financial benefits which include the following:

– Accidental death insurance ($10,000.00)
– Card protection service
– $5 discount on Deluxe personal check orders (one box per order)
– Hotel / travel discounts
– Prescription drug program
– Shopping discounts
– Unlimited no fee cashier?s checks, money orders and travelers cheques and fee discount on travelers cheques for two
– Vision plan

Based on another comment we got, some customers may not actually be getting the benefits of this program that they were automatically (and without permission) signed up for.

Is this the new bank profit ethics, making money from signing people up for things they don’t want and didn’t ask for?


  • By Angiella, August 7, 2011 @ 2:30 pm

    I am being charged both $7 service fee gold account plus a $10 additional service fee on the same account? The $7 was supposed to be the service fee. How can chase do this? I could see them changing the fee but not adding another service fee.

  • By Saul, August 11, 2011 @ 5:20 am

    I get charged the $7 service fee for the gold package but I’ve been told by my branch banker that i do not get any benefits and i in fact have proven it by getting a bank check from them and they charged me for it. The banker told me that i would be refunded for the charges after March and that it would be stopped as it no longer existed. Here it is, August, and i still being charged the $7 fee with nothing to show for it. It is a rip-off.

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