Chase – no rhyme, no reason

From a reader recently:

Let me start off by saying that I have a impeccable financial history and 760+ credit score.  I recently moved from Western NY to NYC and needed to switch banks, so I opened up a basic checking account through  Gravy.  I set up my username and password and linked my chase credit card that I had from before to my new checking account.  Again, gravy.  A few days later I try to access my account, but it is blocked and says to call an 888 number.  I do and am told that my checking account was restricted for some unknown reason and that I had to go into a branch with two forms of ID to straighten things out–which I do.  The branch manager tries to help me figure out what’s going on.  He get bounced around the system when he calls cust. service for half an hour while I sit there twiddling my thumbs.  I swear I heard him give his credentials and reason why he’s calling at least 4 times.  Eventually, he hangs up and informs me that chase does not wish to do business with me and that they don’t have to tell me why.  Ok, I’m fine with that even though I could not fathom a reason why.  I’ve never missed a CC payment, never declared bankruptcy, never been arrested, etc.  Oh, I should mention that I made a $1500 deposit upon opening my new account with chase from my Discover savings account. When I asked when I would get my money back, he told me that I should be getting a check in the mail within 5 -7 days.  Fine.  A week goes by. Surprise, surprise, no check.  Now I discover my access to my credit card account is also restricted, which I was told was fine when I asked the manager about it when I was at the branch.  I call again.  They tell me to go back into the branch, which I do.  Same guy. Same bouncing around, but this time for over an HOUR.  Apparently no one knew where the hell my $1500 was and know had the authority to reset my user ID and pw for my CC.  I went into the branch at 2:50pm and came out at 4pm.  In the end I was kicked out of the branch because it was past closing hours, and I walked out with zero answers.
I am praying that I will see that check in the mail before I have to go to the branch for another session of hell on Monday.  I could not care less about my chase CC now.  I just paid of my balance over the phone and am putting it away.  I would cancel it out of spite, but thought it wiser not to because I don’t want to end up lowering my credit score b/c of this insanity.

Utterly ridiculous! I can say for certain that I will NEVER go anywhere NEAR chase EVER.  I’d rather be shot in the stomach and die a slow death than give these idiots my money.

The day after my first hell session, I went over to Citibank, which I should have done in the first place, and had my checks/card in my hands within 5 days.

Wow.  Recounting this story really ticks me off. Kudos for those of you who made it through to the end and long live Citibank!


  • By DC, June 26, 2011 @ 12:37 pm

    I had a similar issue occur! Altho my history is less stellar due to having my ID stolen (they still are somehow able to get my bank account/card numbers even though I have changed the account numbers at Chase) — apparently this made me a “liability” to Chase and ya know what, for all I know THEY’RE the ones compromising my account, so I was all for closing my account. Instead, they restricted access without calling to tell me (so I had checks bouncing and payments that didn’t go through). I finally got a letter 5 days after I had deposited over a thousand dollars, and had to contact my creditors once I’d opened a Wells Fargo account with new payment info. I called Chase and asked what was going on – they said yeah, my account was “restricted” and would close in 10 business days (or 2 weeks), and one week after that I would receive a check for whatever they decided I could have back. WTF??? Apparently there was nothing I could do about it. The branch manager was nice enough to let me withdraw the $500 I’d deposited the day before because it was CASH that had been deposited; she also advised me to not deposit anymore in the Chase account, which I’d figured out by then. Unfortunately, her approving that withdrawal RESET the restricted access time, adding another 10 days to the one they’d already told me about! Allegedly, the account is scheduled to actually close on Monday, and I should get back some mystery amount a week from then. But who knows if they will actually give me anything. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! It’s a shame because the branch employees were super nice and understanding, very good people but clearly their hands were tied when dealing with the HQ. I’ve read a lot of horror stories from former and current employees since this started. I’m having a much better experience with Wells Fargo – professional, courteous and all-around awesome. Chase – never again! Let us know how it all turns out and if you get your money back – good luck.

  • By Lisa, July 6, 2011 @ 6:58 am

    You left Chase for CITIBANK????

    They are just as bad, maybe worse in customer service, though possibly less evil overall.

  • By Jada, July 10, 2011 @ 1:10 pm

    Agreed. I opened a joint account and I’ve been a loyal customer of Chase for about 12 years. I have great credit history. I deposited several hundred dollars when I opened an additional checking account online last weekend. Then, when the business week started, I got a series of 4 text messages telling me my account was overdrawn by $9,999,135.00 and did I want to cover that overdraft with a transfer from my other accounts. Ha. Like that would be possible. I didn’t get a call from a Chase person–just the shocking texts. And then when I called, they said “Oh. Yes. That’s our way of locking down your account in case there has been fraud.” Sure, because a sudden $9,999,135.00 withdrawal doesn’t freak me out as much as real fraud. If they want to do that, I at least deserve a personal phone call to explain. instead, they’d rather give you a heart attack by sending you a phantom text message with an almost $10 million dollar apparent w/d. That is beyond stupid.

    Then they said there was a problem with my SSN and I had to go to the SSA to get a piece of paper verifying I am me and then make more time to go in to a Chase branch. Seriously? Who has time for that? And I’ve been a verified customer for YEARS. Then I got smart and told them it prob wasn’t my SSN with a problem; it might be the joint account holder. They said “Let me look. …oh….hm…Oh you’re right.” What I don’t understand is, why does Chase even “open” an account that isn’t verified? I cannot access the initial deposit until this mess is resolved. Chase should simply deny the application instead of taking my money and then locking it up. They should approve me but not the other holder, whom I have known for years and saw the SSN card myself in order to enter the info online for the application. They should let ME access my money. Why they would ‘approve’ an account only to promptly close it is RIDICULOUS. they are not protecting me from fraud–they are removing my own access to my own money. Right now, fraudsters are more likely to get my money than I am. I cannot believe Chase’s policies are so ridiculous. JUST DENY THE APPLICATION. Don’t accept it, immediately restrict it, and then keep my money. When I get this mess resolved, by re-opening the account that I JUST opened 7 days ago, I will be sure to close it for good. I am not doing anymore business with Chase. I will open this account at Wells Fargo or Some local credit union instead of dealing with Chase’ stupid policies and very very impersonal banking. I even requested a manager contact me, and they wrote me back saying, sorry. You have to call us again. We can’t tell you anything.

  • By Mitch, December 11, 2012 @ 8:23 pm

    Hello my name is Mitch my fiancé and I currently have a checking and a saving account at your bank which we will be closing and removing all of our funds from because of the level of unprofessionalism we have received from you establishment.
    We have had our accounts frozen for what your customer service reps have told is suspicion fraud on a check, now I understand if there fraud you would take precaution, but the fact that no one contacted either me or my fiancé and you just went ahead and put our accounts on restriction is absolutely unacceptable, further more you put our savings on restriction as well. I am not being garnished so I know legally you should not be able to put my fucking checking account on restriction. You people are absolutely ridiculous, putting us in a position where we cannot access out hard earned money to pay our bills or food or gas is ridiculous, I spoke with one of you reps who said it was because the check was not endorsed but after going though the paper I signed when I signed up for the account, I have possession of a booklet which states that if a check is not endorsed you will still accept it and endorse so I need to know who I need to talk to or how I go about getting compensation because we have obtained at least $100 in overdue fees one of those being a chase credit card I my fiancé’s name, all because we were unable to access our money.
    I mean honestly If you suspect fraud then you contact the account holders by, phone, email, snail mail, something but you did none of that and then just froze all of my money, how is anyone suppose to feel safe banking with you guys if at any minute you can just basically freeze their funds and tell them they are basically broke. So far we have spoken with over 4 different reps and I feel like you guys are wrong and you are just trying to cover your ass.
    You have no right to freeze my funds, epically my savings this is the most absurd thing I have ever seen and I going to do some more research on this because my mother in law works in an attorney’s office and I swear if there is one bit of foul play here I will take legal action, and I guarantee you this is going to hit more media networks and blog websites than you can imagine you can’t play with someone’s life like this.

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