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I am actually writing because I don’t entirely agree that washington mutual’s customer service sucks. I am only saying this because I worked there for a long time and also had an account there. However, the same can not be said for Washington Mutual CEO Kerry Killinger. Kerry Killinger’s ridiculous antics and total greed have completely degraded the moral of employees. Washington Mutual in Seattle pays their tellers 11.00 dollars an hour to be berated, belittled, and generally used as a doormat while Kerry Killinger collects 300 times his salary as a nice little bonus (highest paid CEO on the west coast anybody?). The company also expected female tellers to wear shirts stating “WOOHOO” right across their chest region, often resulting in female employees being called woohooters girls. Try dealing with every scum bag in Seattle humilating you by make obscene comments and you may have an idea as to why our tolerance may be lower than it should… I don’t agree with the companies policies and selling information to other companies, nor do I agree with the system they use to “sell sell sell”… and I most definitely think the telephone banking system is completely flawed and horrible… but I am beseeching on behalf of the littler people of the company, be nice to the tellers… they don’t get paid nearly enough to be harrassed or screamed at. If you want to scream at someone, Go ahead… just ask for the district manager. Please note that I do understand your frustrations and I am only writing this because I have lived through the horrors of being a teller at a company that doesn’t do anything for the little people… who ironically do EVERYTHING for the company.

Thank you…

Former WaMu teller

p.s. I have had bad experiences with branches other than mine as well, but there are a lot of nice people that work for this questionable company.”

(Peter’s note: Thanks for your email. Thanks for reminding me that in the whole debacle there are innocents caught in the middle. I could not agree with you more about the poor management that WaMu has had; I experienced this myself dealing with the corporate office. I also think the poor leadership has put incapable people in the wrong positions, which is why so many people are writing me about dealing with incompetents at WaMu. But surely there are a lot of competent people that just want to do their jobs. My heart is out to them, as I have worked in dysfunctional companies before, and it is no fun.)

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