Please just talk to us Chase

A reader sent us this:

We need help on trying to determine what we owe chase on a vehicle.  We were making payments regularly, but business went bad and had to file bankruptcy so the truck had to be included.  While weathering job loss and poor economy we were unable to maintain bankruptcy payments.  I have tried to repeatedly to contact them to make the back payments or work out something.  They would not respond and then sent a wrecker to reposses it, but it wasn’t here.  We want to settle the debt, but don’t know what to do.  We feel that our hands are tied.  We don’t want the truck to go back b/c we feel that we wouldn’t have any way of capping the ceiling of the debt.  We feel that they are crooks and don’t know what is in our best interest in handling this matter.  Has anyone had a similar issue with any results?

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