Are there any laws Chase won’t break?

Another week, another settlement between Chase and some arm of the government for laws that Chase has violated.  The latest $83.3 million settlement is for “violating regulations that prohibit lending money for entities linked to countries engaged in illicit nuclear trade and that cover dealings with Cuba and Sudan.”


  • By MR. JOHN, August 27, 2011 @ 7:37 pm

    As a footnote from a decades long Independent voter who was considered a candidate for the FED position approximately one to two years ago??? Who is currently Obama’s Chief of Staff??? Yep the American consumer/taxpayer is in for a “SCREWING” no matter if its a Democrat or Republican in the White House.

  • By Olinda Fernandez, September 13, 2011 @ 10:50 am

    In September 9 2011 I deposited a big amount check in my chase checking account, the cashier told me that my money was going to be in my account next tuesday sept. 13 at 9 oclock, tuesday 13 I went to wallmart and after I paid I received a message from chase telling me that my balance was below 50 dollars, I went to my house and I check my account at the website, what was my surprise to see that my big deposit from sept 9 was not in my account.
    When I contacted chase and they transfer me the department in charge of that, they told me that my check was not clear because Bank of America did not want to clear my check and if they can not contact them (BA) my money was not going to be available until sept 20; I knew that, that was a lie because I called BA the same day that I did the deposit to chase and they told me that the money was online transfer from BA to chase the same day.
    When I told that to the chase rep she told me that they were trying to contact BA but still they dont want to clear the check (she insist to keep telling me the story about that BA does not want to clear the check) I told her to contact BA with me in the line, she did that when she start talking with BA, she ask to BA personal inf about me, logical BA told them that the can not provide any inf. they told her that that inf can be provide to the owner of the account. When I start talking BA ask me some personal question and then I asked them why they do not want to clear my check, what BA answer was, that they was clear that check the same day that I did the deposit to chase, after that we hang up with BA and I told chase that all was a lie and I could not understant why they try to keep my money no available until sep 20, because it was clear that the problem was not BA, the problem was chase.
    I learn that it does not matter what bank you use you have to keep your eyes open, I never have any problem like that with another banks, is the first time that this situation happen to me, and it is sad that that bank was Chase which I was thinking was a serious bank, and professional and keep their customar well, I was wrong.Be really careful with this bank.

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