Chase new account promotion bait & switch or inept banker?

It is unclear from this post over at whether this customer was hit with a real bait & switch by Chase bank or just an inept teller who didn’t give him all the information when he opened the new account to get the $125 promotion.

Was offered a promotion to open a new account in exchange for $125.00 account credit. Waited over 14 days for crecit. Called into call center was advised that it would take 10 days for credit, CREDIT WOULD BE IN ACCOUNT ON 11/28/11.. Waited the ten days as you can see above, no credit. Called into call ON THE 10 DAYS LATER 11/28/11 STILL NO CREDIT. Called call center spoke with a rep who said now you have to add Dirwect Deposit. Then I spoke with a supervisor who also said now as rep just said I advised have to activate a direct deposit? UNREAL…Defintely a BAIT AND SWITCH. I am an unsatified customer. Would close account but have not added this account to all my accounts for payment. THEY ARE FORCING ME TO HAVE A DIRECT DEPOSIT!!

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