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2013 – Chase adopts a new internal “expenses” policy which dictates that (for example), if an employee spills coffee on a company laptop or other device, the employee shall be financially responsible for the damage.

I doubt this is legally feasible ….  but it’s yet another example of how Jamie Dimon hates his employees. Couple this news with January’s 1-2% raises (if you got one at all) and you can see why most employees I’ve candidly spoken with hate this place as much as the next person.

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  • By Control Freaks, July 8, 2013 @ 5:02 pm

    JPMC recently sent internal memo to all employees stating they can no longer buy or sell stocks (jpmc stock or any other) in their own personal (non-jpmc related) portfolio except from a jpmc pre-approved list of designated brokers. Same applies to employee’s spouse, significant other or any person that employee is financially caring for.

    Also, stocks cannot be sold for 30 days after purchase, even if stock owner witnesses stock in rapid loss decline.

    Also, ALL personal stocks purchases and sales (even non-JPMC stock) must be pre-approved by JPMorgan Chase.

    All of this forces employees to move their existing portfolios to an approved trading company so that jpmc can monitor all trading activity even that of non-jpmc stocks.

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