WaMu & predatory lending

Carole writes:

“I have had a terrible experience with WAMU – September 2007 my husband became unexpectedly and totally disabled and we lost his income overnight. We had, as most Americans do, credit card debt. We had a WAMU credit card along with several other cards, gas card, store cards, Wells Fargo etc. We did not want to file for bankruptcy we wanted to pay what we owed but we needed our interest rate reduced and a repayment schedule we could live with. We decided the best course for us was a non-profit credit counseling service. All of our creditors were very cooperative and understood our situation EXCEPT WAMU. WAMU would not work with the non-profit group, they would not work with me, they increased our interest rate to 33% and started tacking on late fees and over the limit fees. I contacted them on numerous occasions to try and work something out, the President of the Non-Profit Counselingng Service tried to talk to them and they would not work with them either. All of this has been documented. I had even written to my Congressman about WAMU. I have been paying our other creditors on time every month since December 2007 with no problems and our balances have been going down and the creditors are getting their money. WAMU has done nothing except added more & more charges to this account. Now, I don’t know who to pay and what, I have not received a bill since August.”

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