Where do missing payments go?

Vicki writes:

“am currently a victim of Washington Mutual’s Deceptive Practices. I made my on-line payment in September on wamucards.com and received a confirmation number for my payment. Several days later, I received mail from Washington Mutual stating that my account was overdue! I immediately called the number on the back of my card and explained to them that I had allready made a payment. The center in the Phillipines told me they had no record of my payment! They asked me to make a minimum payment over the phone which I did, but since then my account has been overdue for almost 2 months!
I have made numerous phone calls since then trying to resolve the issue. They kept assessing me late fees because the “innitial payment in September was not enough” even though the agent told me that my account would be brought current after I make that payment.
It has seriously been a hassle – Washington Mutual kept calling my house and my work asking for payments after I have made them (2 payments in 11 days this month only)!!! This has also been extremely time consuming with all the phone calls, harassments at home and work, script reading from Philippines and no real help….Just horrible!
I am happy to have found this website and glad that I have learned that many other customers had horrible experiences with Washington Mutual.
They must change their business practices! This is unacceptable!”

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