Can’t access accounts

Tim writes:

“They do not have 24 hour HUMAN customer service. Enough said.

I have 3 accounts with Washington Mutual and I cannot access any of them. Their online site has delivered me the following message for the past 24 hours: “We’re sorry, our system is currently unavailable. We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again in a while. ”

When I told a customer service rep, she said, that’s the first time she’s heard of that one. I read it to her from the screen I am looking at and she repeats she hasn’t heard of it and tells me I must be behind a firewall. I tell her I am not behind a firewall and I’ve tried it from 2 different browsers on 2 different computers and an iPhone – got the same message everytime. She tells me to see my branch…. tomorrow.

I tell her the online phone system is not working either. It tells me none of my accounts match my password, even though it’s the same information I’ve always had. She tells me to try again using my social. That didn’t work. Then when I tried to transfer back to the customer no-service rep, I was notified that it was after business hours and I would have to try again tomorrow.

So here I sit without any way to get access to any of my accounts. No live person I can talk to about it. No automated phone service that works. No website that works. This is 2008, there is no excuse for this.

Yep, Washington Mutual sucks.”

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