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Big bank humor (cartoon)

Chase looking to trick customers into correcting paperwork

Here is an interesting development sent to us by a reader:

I had a mortgage with WaMu and then Chase took over and THEY SUCK!  They harass me about modification even though I’m current.  Recently they sent a letter requesting I work with some lawyer to “re-sign” missing docs from my loan.  LOL. What scam is this now?

First, why does Chase continue to offer loan modifications to people that aren’t asking for them and aren’t behind on their loans?  Are they trying to force people into getting behind, which is what a trial modification will do?  Are they trying to increase their loan modification numbers by stuffing the ranks with people they are sure won’t fail, i.e. customers that weren’t behind in the first place?  I could certainly see them offering a very slight discount on customers not likely to default just to make their permanent loan modification numbers go up.

But perhaps most interesting is their attempt to get a customer to admit that they own his loan.  I highly recommend anyone against doing this, or if you intend to, consult an attorney first.

This just adds fuel to the speculation that Chase has gotten itself into a real paperwork mess where they can’t prove they own quite a few loans and won’t be able proceed with foreclosures in states that require proof of authority.

Letting people know how you feel about Chase

Sometimes the simplest form of protest is best, like how this blogger amended his Chase cards with a label maker to express his feelings.

Protest @ Chase’s health care conference in San Francisco

One of our readers suggested that people show up at JPMorgan Chase’s health care conference in San Francisco on Jan 11-14 and we couldn’t think of a better way to start the new year, telling Chase how you really feel about them.

The full details of the conference can be found here.

J.P. Morgan’s 28th annual Healthcare Conference will be held from January 11th – January 14th at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco.

J.P. Morgan’s Healthcare Conference, the industry’s largest, will feature presentations from approximately 300 companies, both public and private, over four days of simultaneous sessions.  Additionally, keynote luncheon presentations will be made by Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co., and other influential figures.

Site stats reality check for Chase

The visits to our site continue to rise over time.  What do you make of that Chase?  Do people like you more or less?

Incidentally, that huge spike in September was Chase’s fiasco of a 72 hour outage.

We had about 100,000 visitors in the last year and about 1.2 million page views.

The number of stories that each visitor reads on average keeps growing too.

America’s least hated banker? They forgot to ask his customers

Here’s the picture from the New York Times piece on Jamie Dimon, which calls him America’s least hated banker.

Doesn’t he look a bit evil in that picture?

In giving him that title, they clearly didn’t talk to his retail banking customers, which have lots of reason to despise he fee hungry leadership of Chase bank.

Annual bank customer satisfaction survey says Chase really does suck

Apparently it isn’t just me and many others ranting on the Internet about how much Chase sucks, as the 2010 Bank & Credit Union Customer Satisfaction Survey by Prime Performance clearly indicates.

Among the results:

  • Chase ranks at the bottom of the customer satisfaction results at 67% compared with 88% of customers at small banks and credit unions.
  • Chase has the highest percentage of people that said they were likely to switch banks in the next 12 months at 19%.

How does Chase rate?

According to the poll over at, Chase gets 1.5 out of 4 stars with over 1,200 people voting.

That actually makes them sound better than the poll results indicate.  Take a look at the breakdown:

Yes, almost 90% of respondents gave Chase the lowest rating they could.

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