District court ruling

A Federal district court ruled that while Chase can raise credit card interest rates as high as it wants, for any reason that it wants, it must disclose the reasons why it might raise rates and the rates it would use “clearly and conspicuously” in the cardholder agreement in such a way that a “reasonable cardholder would notice and understand.” (article)

WaMu customers can’t deposit at Chase yet

One WaMu customer writes that she can’t make deposits into her formerly WaMu account at Chase branches yet. (blog)

Foreclosure stories

Stories like Diane’s make me wonder if WaMu/Chase is just paying lip service to loan modifications and just planning to foreclose on people anyways. (story) And here is another woman who was foreclosed upon by mistake. (article)

Incompetence or sleaziness?

Shoud I file this under incompetence or sleazyness? One WaMu home loan customer was working towards a loan modification and was told by WaMu that a trustee sale was postponed. WaMu sold the property anyways. (story)

Website critique

critique of Chase’s website, on flickr. (Hint, roll over the image for comments.)

Refinances take so long

Why are Chase/Wamu refi’s taking so long to complete? (blog)

Good news: extended hours

Finally some good news from Chase: they have extended bank hours for some 2500 branches, (including 700 in CA starting June 1st). (articlepress release)

$500 fee on “no-fee” equity lines

Sleazy business, charging customers $500 early cancellation fees on “No Fee” home equity lines, WaMu. (story)

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