Red tape or outright stealing?

Do you have a car loan with Chase that features automatic withdrawls from your bank account? If you pay it off early, make sure you call them to ask them to stop withdrawing payments every month from your bank account or they will continue to do so for the original term of the loan. I can’t decide if this is just stupid red tape or actual stealing. (story)

Complaints at

Here’s a link to complaints about Chase credit cards over at (318 pages of them since April 2006).

WaMu/Chase doesn’t even believe police

I previously reported on Chase’s unwillingness to believe a customer’s fairly obviously believable claim that their ATM card info had been stolen. In this case, WaMu/Chase doesn’t believe the customer despite that fact that the police caught the thief. Incidentally, this story has some excellent commentary that outlines how to complain about WaMu/Chase to their regulators.

More transition problems

More evidence that the switchover from WaMu to Chase is having problems: WaMu customers in 4 states were not able to access their accounts through ATMs for 90 minutes on Friday (story)

Closing credit carde accounts without warning

Latest Chase strategy: closing the credit card accounts of low and high risk former WaMu customers alike, and in some cases not telling them. (story)

No-fee to fee without warning?

Has chase unilaterally altered the terms of their low-fee/no-fee savings accounts and started charging a monthly fee without telling account holders? (story)

WaMu/Chase arbitration

The exit of two major arbitration firms from hearing consumer credit disputes (WSJ article and analysis of the implications) means that if you challenge WaMu/Chase to artibrate your dispute, they may not be able to find an artibrator in a timely fashion, giving you more leverage against them and the possiblity to sue them in a real court. Go get em’ tiger!

More WaMu to Chase transition problems

Frances was a WaMu customer, is now a Chase customer, and is told by Chase that she will be charged to use any ATM but the ones that were formely WaMu. (story) Any one else having this problem?

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